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Education strategy and strategic plan 2021–2024

The purpose of the strategy is to set out the ways in which we will meet our aim of delivering HIV education that is world-class. As an Association, we want to promote excellence in nursing care of those with, and affected by, HIV. Furthermore, we want to advance knowledge and skill acquisition among members and non-members of the nursing profession in relation to HIV. Therefore, the ambition of the strategy will give direction to the NHIVNA Education Committee to provide an outline of teaching and learning available to the membership, explore how nurses can progress in the speciality of HIV and how education is linked to HIV competencies. In addition, this strategy can support nurses and other professionals with revalidation to their professional bodies.

With thanks to the following for their contributions to this document:
John McLuskey, Christina Antoniadi, Michelle Croston, David Evans, Robert Fieldhouse, Daini Flower, Claire Gamble, Linda Panton, Breda Patterson, Joe Phillips, Hilary Piercy, Jonathan Roberts, Moses Shongwe, Shaun Watson, Matt Wills, Andrew Cornes and Steve Callaghan.

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