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NHIVNA Mission Statement

The National HIV Nurses Association (NHIVNA) is the leading UK professional association representing nurses in HIV care. We are a well-established and highly respected organisation committed to providing excellence in the care of those living with and affected by HIV.

Our pledge is to promote excellence in the nursing care of those living with and affected by HIV. We will do this through advocacy, education, leadership and research and by disseminating innovative practice more widely to the nursing profession.

We will work with individuals and organisations that share our desire for excellence in the field, advocating passionately for people living with or affected by HIV and providing a voice for nurses working in the field.

In order to fulfil our pledge we will:

  • Provide a forum to support nurses working with those living with and affected by HIV

  • Advance education among members of the nursing profession in relation to HIV

  • Promote original high quality nursing and multi-disciplinary research which drives innovation and best practice in HIV care

  • Collaborate with and support doctors, allied health professionals, higher education institutes, governmental bodies and NGOs to advance national HIV health policy and improve patient outcomes

  • Strive to represent HIV nurses at local, national and international level, and keep our members informed of the latest guidelines, policies and evidence-based research