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National HIV Nursing Competencies

Welcome to the new-look, revised NHIVNA competencies. You will find that we have presented them in a new format as an e-book. It is also planned to make them available as a word document and alongside these we plan to design a simple assessment framework into which you can copy and paste the relevant competencies for your role from the word document. The e-book replaces the hard copy booklet.

During the process of review, as requested by NHIVNA members, we have updated and made the competencies shorter, by cutting out repetition; easier to read, through ensuring consistency of terms and added core competencies for health care assistants. We hope that the competencies continue to assist you in your development and defining your objectives, help you or your managers in developing relevant job descriptions, form the basis for designing training and educational presentations and support the development of nursing roles in HIV.

The competencies were originally launched in June 2007 and feedback has been very positive. They have been accessed by nurses from many parts of the globe and have been translated into French, Romanian and Russian.

We continue to welcome examples of the competencies being used in practice and will place some of these on the NHIVNA website. We are particularly interested in hearing from members who are applying the competencies to their clinical practice, job descriptions, teaching programmes and career planning. So please contact us via the Secretariat if you have examples of how you have implemented the competencies in your workplace and would be happy to share this on the website.


Download the Competency Assessment Tool


Generic HIV nursing competencies

G1 Assessing health and well-being

G2 Management of antiretroviral therapy

G3 Health promotion

G4 Working in partnerships including clinical networks and multidisciplinary working

Specialist HIV nursing competenciess

S1 HIV outpatients

S2 HIV inpatients

S3 Clinical trials

S4 Paediatric

Latest revision: October 2013