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Executive Committee

Current NHIVNA Executive Committee

  Position Location
Linda Panton Chair Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
Jennifer Kendrick Honorary Treasurer, Education Manchester Centre for Sexual Health
John McLuskey Honorary Secretary University of Nottingham
Daini Flower Education New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Laura Hilton Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust
Sian Jeffery Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
Andy Marshall Zachary Merton Hospital, Rustington
Darran McAteer Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Jessica Osorio Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Helen Reynolds Research University of Liverpool
Kirstie Salthouse North Manchester General Hospital
Garry Brough Community Positively UK
Moses Shongwe Co-opted Trustee Barts Health NHS Trust, London
To be confirmed Co-opted Trustee

Joining the NHIVNA Executive Committee

To become a member of the NHIVNA Executive Committee, you will need to be a NHIVNA member and stand for election. Elections are held each year in the spring and the results announced at the NHIVNA Annual General Meeting held at the NHIVNA Annual Conference. For details of the timetable, please contact the Secretariat at nhivna@nhivna.org.

Committee Biographies

Linda Panton
Chair 2023–2026
I began my career as a staff nurse in a 14 bedded HIV unit thirty years ago and progressed to the role of clinical nurse specialist. I am currently Charge Nurse of the Infectious Diseases department and manage the clinic nurses, the HIV CNS and the Mental Health specialist nurses. Clinically I support a cohort of people living with HIV in our nurse-led service. I am passionate about nurses using their expert skills to look after people living with HIV and feel strongly that we provide best holistic care. I was part of a group of nurses who developed a best practice guide to carry out Annual Reviews to assess the physical, mental and sexual health of our patients and would like to see all clinics around the UK ensuring that patients see a nurse at least annually for a comprehensive check. I have served on the Executive since 2013 and was Treasurer from 2015. I am honoured to take on the role of Chair and look forward to working with an amazing group of people on the Executive to ensure we support education and research for our members and most importantly continue to fight to eradicate stigma for everyone living with HIV.

Jen Kendrick
Honorary Treasurer 2023–2026
I am the lead HIV clinical specialist nurse at The Hathersage Centre in Manchester. Over the past 13 years, I have progressed in my role from a band 5 rotational nurse between sexual health, health advisors and HIV to my current position. I was drawn to HIV care as I found it challenging but ultimately the most rewarding job I have ever done, as we can use our skills as specialist nurses to help our patients to achieve the best possible health and social care outcomes whilst providing ongoing psychological support through their journey. I am chair of the north west HIV nursing alliance, of which I am honoured to be part. I am very excited to join the NHIVNA executive committee and I hope I can extend my passion for bringing nurses together to improve outcomes for people living with HIV at national level.

John McLuskey
Honorary Secretary 2022–2025
Currently, I am the Director of Professions at the University of Nottingham and have worked within HIV care for a number of years. I have held a position on the NHIVNA Executive Committee previously and chaired the Education Committee. Unsurprisingly, I have an interest in HIV education for students, staff and people with HIV and have recently led on the development of the education strategy for NHIVNA. I am honoured to be co-opted back onto the Executive Committee and will be able to support the current Education Committee Chair to move the strategy forward. I also seek ways to engage healthcare students with NHIVNA activities including supporting them to present at conference.

Daini Flower
I am an HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist in Wolverhampton having recently passed my Non-Medical Prescribing qualification. Prior to this I worked for 8 years as an Integrated Sexual Health Nurse in Shropshire, working across sexual health and HIV services. I have a passion for working within HIV services, making positive changes within my clinical area to improve the provision of care for vulnerable patients, addressing stigmas that are often associated with HIV by utilising the knowledge gained from NHIVNA, international conferences and my working experiences. As a member of the NIVNHA Committee I aim to provide support, encouragement and mentorship to those new to the area of HIV nursing, ensuring that as healthcare professionals we promote the benefits and rewarding opportunities that HIV services have to offer.

Laura Hilton
I qualified as a nurse in 1997. I have a total of 26 years of HIV experience, firstly within an inpatient setting and, for the past 22 years, as a clinical nurse specialist and a nurse consultant. I have a Masters degree in nursing. I currently lead three HIV services, both clinically and managerially. I have a particular interest in extended roles for nurses and new ways of working and was instrumental in setting up nurse-led clinics within my setting. I believe that specialist nurses are key to delivering high quality, patient centred care.

Sian JefferySian Jeffery
I have worked for seven years as an HIV CNS at Nottingham University Hospital and have an extensive background as a sexual health nurse. My responsibilities extend across both outpatients and inpatients on the ID ward. After completing the NHIVNA STIF core competency, I was able to provide skilled nursing care to people living with HIV and support staff from an educational role. I enjoy supporting women throughout pregnancy in our positive care clinic and have an interest in mental health. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to the committee from the evolving role as an HIV nurse.

Andy Marshall
I am Charge Nurse at the Sussex Beacon, where I have worked since 1995. I have witnessed the unfolding challenges of HIV care. An independent charity, the Sussex Beacon maintains collaborative links with the wider network of HIV agencies, and I maintain close working relationships with colleagues beyond the Sussex Beacon. As a clinician, I am interested in complex case management and the impact of new diagnoses of HIV amongst older people. I am committed to governance and audit and view these as opportunities to learn. Having achieved a master's degree in psychology, I retain an interest in research. Andy served as the NHIVNA Honorary Secretary from 2017 to March 2022.

Darran McAteer
I started my nurse training in 2011 in Liverpool and quickly became very interested in HIV and stirred by the injustices people with HIV face. My interest was emboldened by being part of the LGBTQ+ community and having faced discrimination of my own as a result. I tailored my training around HIV wherever I could and have been caring for people with HIV since qualifying in 2014. I worked on an infectious diseases unit in Liverpool for four years before becoming an HIV CNS, which provided the opportunity to move down to Brighton in 2021.

Jessica Osorio
I have worked as an HIV nurse for over 20 years in a variety of roles, including clinical research, a community HIV CNS and more recently in HIV outpatients, first in a busy London hospital and now in a smaller unit where I am the only HIV specialist nurse within a GUM service supporting three specialist consultants and a cohort of 3-400 patients. I would bring a variety of skills and experience and insight into the differing needs of nurses working in smaller centres, as well as an understanding of the role of community and clinic-based nurses.

Helen Reynolds
I have worked in the area of HIV for over 20 years in various positions. I am currently a Clinical Trials Programme Manager at the University of Liverpool, with previous nursing positions as a Clinical Research Nurse and HIV Specialist Nurse in Infectious Diseases and Sexual Health. I would bring my expertise in HIV clinical research to the Executive Committee. My areas of research are in pharmacology, drug interactions and pregnancy both in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa. I would like to advocate for more inclusive trials to protect women through research not from research.

Kirstie Salthouse
I am Ward Manager of the Regional Infectious Diseases Unit in Manchester, which provides specialist HIV inpatient care. Since qualifying in 2012, I have had various roles within HIV care in London, Sheffield and Manchester. I joined NHIVNA in 2012 and was delighted when I was awarded a research award for my innovative teaching method around HIV awareness in non-traditional settings. I am passionate about patient advocacy and nurse education. I would like to bring the voice of the inpatient nurse to the NHIVNA Executive Committee to address issues of late diagnosis and improved outcomes for people living with HIV.

Co-opted members

Moses Shongwe
Currently, I am a HIV Network Lead Nurse for Barts Health NHS Trust and a lead nurse for HIV and Hepatitis; and HIV LA Injectables Therapy. I trained in South Africa as a Registered nurse in (General nursing, Community, Psychiatry) and Midwifery. I started working in UK from February 1999 in Royal Liverpool University Hospital. I have worked in HIV care for 24 years now. I led a survey on Healthcare Professional Knowledge within our NHS Trust Organisation and won the Professor Chloe Orkin Award for work in social sciences presented in BHIVA Autumn Conference in 2020. My passion is to create a safe clinical environment for people living with HIV by ensuring that we have the right workforce with appropriate clinical skills. I provide clinical supervision, training, encourage, advice and develop staff to reach their full potential. I am looking forward to supporting and develop further the great work provided by NHINVA to its members and people living with HIV.

Community Representative Trustee (elected by UK-CAB)

Garry Brough
Diagnosed with HIV in 1991, I have championed patient involvement and peer support since co-founding the Bloomsbury Network in 1999. I’ve worked in both the NHS and HIV charities such as Terrence Higgins Trust and Positively UK, where I currently lead on peer learning, partnerships and policy. I have served as a community representative on BHIVA, BASHH and BMA committees and currently sit on the London Fast Track Cities Initiative Leadership Group and London HIV Clinical Forum. I am thrilled to join the NHIVNA Executive Committee, as I believe that when we talk about prioritizing patient-centred care, Nurses are and will continue to be key in delivering that care for people with HIV.

Previous Executive Committee Members

A thank you to all our previous members, without whom NHIVNA wouldn't have grown into the organisation it is today.

Christina Antoniadi
Gary Barker
Juliet Bennett
Roy Brazington
Nathaniel Brito-Ault (Chair)
Jane Bruton
Tracey Buckingham
Jayne Churchill
Michelle Croston (Chair)
Sandra Davies (Co-Chair)
Catherine Donoghue
Siân Edwards
Catrin Evans
Liz Foote
Beth Freeborn
Claire Gamble
Ricky Gellissen
Phil Greenham
Matthew Grundy-Bowers
Jacqui Hale
Stephen Head
Ian Hodgson
Pauline Jelliman
Jane Kennedy
Jo Kepple (Chair)
Longret Kwardem
Caroline Lovett
Siobhán Lynch
Sam Mabey-Puttock
Brenda Mann
Frederick Marais
May McCreaddie
John McLuskey
Sheila Morris (Chair)
Angelina Namiba
Christina Newbould
Rachael Ng'andwe
Eileen Nixon
Catherine O'Keeffe
Joel Paparello
Carol Pellowe
Nicky Perry (Chair)
Joe Phillips
Hilary Piercy
James Rice
Kemoh Rogers
Gina Rowlands
Sue Russell
Kieran Sharkey
Zoë Sheppard
James Stanford
Katie Warburton
Anele Waters
Craig Waterworth
Shaun Watson (Chair)
Jill Williams
Matt Wills