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Subcommittees and Working Groups

To join a NHIVNA Subcommittee or Working Group, please contact the Secretariat at nhivna@nhivna.org.



Conference | Study days1 | WAD | Awards and scholarships

A Marshall (Chair)
G Brough (Vice-chair)
D Flower
B Freeborn
S Jeffery
J Kendrick
J Osorio
L Panton

1 Education Subcommittee responsible for content of autumn study day


Academy | Advanced practice | Competencies | CPD revalidation | Education strategy | HIV nursing modules | Training resources

D Flower (Chair)
B Freeborn (Vice Chair)
J Kendrick
J McLuskey
J Osorio
L Panton
K Salthouse
M Croston (Co-opted)

Terms of reference of the NHIVNA Education subcommittee


Audit | Research Awards | Research Strategy | Standards

H Reynolds (Chair)
C Antoniadi (Vice Chair)
K Salthouse
M Shongwe
J Harrison (Co-opted)
C Hughes (Co-opted)
K Warburton (Co-opted)

Working Groups


Income from non-pharma sources

J Williams (Chair)
J Osorio (Vice-chair)
C Antoniadi
D Flower
S Jeffery
J Kendrick

Social Media

PR | Social media

C Antoniadi (Chair)
K Salthouse (Vice-chair)
G Brough
H Reynolds
J Williams