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NHIVNA Patrons

NHIVNA is grateful for the support and encouragment it receives from its patrons and proud that they are willing to be a part of the organisation.


Robert FieldhouseRobert Fieldhouse

Robert Fieldhouse set up Body Positive's Treatment Advisory Service in 1997. He managed their information service for 3 years before moving on to become an Editor with NAM. At the same time he worked as a Treatments Advisor at Mortimer Market Centre.

Robert was Treatments Editor at Positive Nation Magazine for 3 years and has worked in the Policy, Campaigns and Research Division of the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Robert spent 3 years as Communications Manager at Body Positive North West in Manchester and has worked as a Treatments Advisor at The Ribbons Centre, Southampton and Body Positive Dorset.

Robert was diagnosed HIV positive in 2004 and has been well on treatment ever since.

Robert has been publishing BASELINE Magazine since 2009.

He is now a director of Treat.info, a community organisation providing tools for people starting HIV therapy.

Robert has been a long-time supporter of the work of NHIVNA and looks forward to helping raise the profile of the organisation.


Angelina NamibaAngelina Namiba

Main areas of Expertise: Project Management; Training; Facilitation; Public speaking

Originally from Kenya, I have over 16 years’ experience of working in the HIV sector. I have worked on initiatives ranging from providing one-to-one support to people living with HIV; managing service provision to facilitating, promoting and advocating for the involvement of women living with HIV in forming and informing local and national strategy and policy. I also work with adolescents and young people living with HIV, where I support them around various issues and coping strategies including HIV Treatment Literacy and general well-being around living with HIV. I am now a Freelance Consultant and an Associate of The Salamander Trust http://salamandertrust.net/

As a woman living with HIV for over two decades, I am passionate about advocating for the sexual health and reproductive rights of women living with HIV. From 2010 – 2011 I led on the planning, development and delivery of the pilot project From Pregnancy to Baby and Beyond with Positively UK http://positivelyuk.org/pregnancy/. This developed a sustainable model of education, information, emotional and practical support, for women living with HIV through ante to post natal care. I then went on to manage the follow on 3 year - second phase of the project. The target group for support for the second phase included men living with HIV and sero different partners of people living with HIV. This project completed in August 2015.

I co-authored the report Primary Care Access: how General Practice can better respond to the needs of people living with HIV http://issuu.com/positively_uk/docs/pcap_report_final_version/1.

Other articles I have co-authored include:

I am also passionate about challenging the stigma myths and stereotypes that sadly still exist around HIV. To this end, I am open about my HIV status because I believe that the more of us who are able to & can be open about our status, the more we will move towards educating the public and therefore challenging HIV related societal and self stigma. I do this through training, public speaking and presenting on different aspects of HIV and have done this through the media and at numerous local, national and international conferences.

Finally, I have and continue to be a member of various Advisory Boards as a Community Representative. These include:
-  The Positive Action for children Fund https://www.viivhealthcare.com/community-partnerships/positive-action-for-children-fund/about.aspx (current);
-  S.A.F.E Kenya http://safekenya.org/ (current);
-  STOPAIDS http://stopaids.org.uk/ (Stepping down down in December 2015);
-  The BHIVA Primary Care Working Group http://www.bhiva.org/ (current);
-  The National HIV Nurses Association https://www.nhivna.org/ (3 year role ended June 2015);
-  AIDS Orphan http://www.aidsorphan.net/ (current);
-  The National Study of HIV in Pregnancy and Childhood http://www.ucl.ac.uk/nshpc (current)
-  The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Women’s Network https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/about-us/governance/committees/rcog-womens-network/ (current).

One of my greatest hopes for the future is for the day when treatment for HIV will be available, affordable and accessible to all those who need it globally.


Robert J Pratt RN RNT BA MSc FRCNRobert J Pratt RN RNT BA MSc FRCN

Robert Pratt is Professor of Nursing and Director of the Richard Wells Research Centre School of Research and Postgraduate Studies, part of the Wolfson Institute of Health Sciences, Thames Valley University. He gained a Diploma in Nursing at the University of London, a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and a Master of Science in Health Education at Chelsea College, University of London.

Robert has been associated with the nursing care issues associated with HIV disease since the very beginning of the global pandemic and has acted as an Educational Consultant to a variety of international organisations including the British Council, the UK Department for International Development and the World Health Organization, developing and implementing HIV-related training and education in Eastern Europe, West India, the Arabian Gulf and throughout Africa. In the mid-1980s, Robert worked closely with Richard Wells at the Royal College of Nursing, where they established the HIV Nursing Society and developed a variety of professional responses to the issues emerging out of the evolving UK epidemic.

Since his appointment to the Wolfson Institute in 1994, he has led a team of researchers and educationalists focused on research into communicable diseases and infection prevention. His group has a particular research interest in behaviours associated with adherence to antiretroviral therapy and prevention of healthcare associated infections.

Robert and his colleagues continue to engage in an active international research and educational programme and, in 1999, were awarded the Robert Tiffany International Award from the Royal College of Nursing for their six year action research project in west India and the Arabian Gulf focused on developing clinical confidence in doctors and nurses to care for persons with HIV disease. This project has now been extended into west Africa.

Robert publishes widely and is the author of one of the best selling nursing textbooks in Europe (HIV and AIDS: A strategy for nursing care, fourth edition). This text has been published in several languages, including a special Arabic edition published by the World Health Organization, and is now entering its fifth edition. He is currently the editor of GUMonitor and a reviewer for several professional journals.

Robert was created a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing in 1998 for his international contribution to the promotion of sexual health and is a member of the Chief Medical Officer's 'Expert Advisory Group on AIDS' at the UK Department of Health. He is the Director of the Department of Health's 'epic' initiative, a long-term project to develop National Evidence-based Guidelines for the Prevention of Healthcare associated Infections. As well as being NHIVNA patron, he is also President of the UK and Eire National Infection Control Nurses Association.