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Immigration Asylum seekers and Refugees

When Maternity Doesn't Matter: Dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum

This joint Refugee Council and Maternity Action report looks at the experiences of pregnant women in the asylum system, based on interviews with asylum seeking women and midwives responsible for their care.
Published in February 2013.

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Access to health care for asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers – guidance for doctors

This guidance note summarises the various entitlements and means of accessing healthcare for asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers in the UK. It also provides general advice regarding confidentiality, the provision of information about health services and referring these groups to specialist services.
Published in November 2012.

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KWP Briefing Sheet 2: HIV and Immigration

The knowledge, the will and the power (KWP) states the National African HIV Prevention Programme's (NAHIP) plan to prevent sexual HIV transmissions among African people in England. KWP articulates a number of aims that highlight the connection between HIV prevention need, immigration, health and social care policy (see Policy aims 2, 6, 7, 8, and 15). Successful immigration policy advocacy in the African HIV sector relies on a workforce that can respond to questions that relate to HIV and immigration.
Published in October 2012.

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