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Guidelines and Position Papers

Advanced Nursing practice in HIV care

Guidelines for nurses, doctors, service providers and commissioners

These guidelines are unique and should be regarded as not only a first in HIV nursing, but a first in the nursing profession.

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HIV Home Testing Kits – NHIVNA Position Statement

The Department of Health revealed that from April 2014 HIV-positive healthcare workers on combination antiretroviral therapy who have an undetectable viral load will be able to carry out all dental and surgical procedures. The findings are based on up-to-date scientific evidence, which brings the UK in line with most Western countries.

A new confidential register run by Public Health England will monitor the treatment and viral load of HIV-infected doctors, dentists and nurses every 3 months to safeguard patients. The Department of Health emphasised that the decision allowing an HIV-positive healthcare worker to undertake certain procedures will be made on a case-by-case basis.

The new regulations will also allow people to buy self-testing HIV kits to use at home from April 2014. This will enable the testing kits to be regulated, ensuring people are buying kits that have been properly tested for accuracy.

If the home test shows a positive reaction the user will be advised that this is a reactive result and will need confirmation. The individual will need to access a healthcare setting for a confirmatory test to establish if they have HIV infection.

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Standards of care for people living with HIV - NHIVNA Position Statement

In 2013, the British HIV Association (BHIVA), working in partnership with care providers, professional associations, commissioners and people living with HIV, produced a set of quality standards for the care of people with HIV in the UK.

They covered 12 key themes, prioritised as being the most important issues for the care of people with HIV. Derived from the best available evidence, the Standards focus on aspects of care that have particular relevance for delivering equitable high-quality services that secure the best possible outcomes for people with HIV.

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Read more information and download the Standards of care for people living with HIV (2013)

2018 UPDATE - Download the British HIV Association (BHIVA) Standards of care for people living with HIV (2018)

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