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NHIVNA Regional Audit and Research Initiative

The Regional Research and Audit groups were launched in 2011 following the Annual Conference and it is envisaged that the initiative will provide an accessible forum for groups to link together and share experiences.

The Regional Research and Audit groups aims:

  • To help develop understanding, confidence and active engagement in audit and research
  • To document excellence in HIV nursing care.
  • To promote innovation in HIV nursing
  • To develop 'communities of researching practitioners' amongst HIV nurses and nurses working in related fields.
  • To encourage submission of abstracts to conference.
  • To encourage groups to write articles for HIV nursing.

What does this mean for me?

Theory > Practice >Professional Development

  • Any work that is being undertaken as part of academic study, degree, masters, university modules, and diplomas could be explored and shaped within the groups.
  • Any department initiative/service development ideas could be presented and shred within the group.
  • Any reflection from practice could be discussed and then used to help improve patient care.
  • Any interesting pieces of research could be shared, discussed and explored within the group.
  • Any examples of best practice could be shared within the group.

How can I get involved with this initiative?

There are two options:

Option A - Create a group

As a group you will then decide:

  • When to meet.
  • What the format of the meetings will be.
  • What topics you would like to explore.
  • What type of speakers you would need to help meet your objectives or if members of the group could be used instead.
  • Once established the group can generate ideas about projects.
  • As a group you can begin to formulate research/audit ideas.
  • The group could also create links with local universities and medical research groups.

Option B - Virtual Support

Link with NHIVNA executive who will:

  • Offer support when requested by group/individual.
  • Help link to pharmaceutical companies/other groups, with a similar interest project.
  • Feed back to NHIVNA to generate further support.
  • Explore funding options for small research projects.

If you would like to be linked to the initiative, please complete the form below.


NHIVNA Regional Audit and Research Working Group:

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