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Managing non-communicable diseases among people living with HIV
Theo Smart, 2016-09-13 15:00:00

Non-communicable diseases - including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, and other illnesses - will represent a significant challenge for HIV care in low- and middle-income countries as the population of people on HIV treatment grows and ages, the 21st International AIDS Conference in Durban heard in July.

Developing models of care which can manage non-communicable diseases in people living with HIV, as well as in the general population, will be a critical part of developing a health system that can provide different patterns of care to people with HIV according to their needs – so-called `differentiated` care.

Kara Wools-Kaloustian from Indiana University School of Medicine, co-primary investigator for the East-African International Epidemiologic Database to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) cohort, believes the best response would be to develop and strengthen systems that support health in the general population, whether for HIV or for NCDs.

"An integrated chronic disease management model will likely be the most cost-effective and sustainable approach," she said.