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Barcelona clinic study counts how many gay men might benefit from PrEP
Gus Cairns, 2015-11-18 10:10:00

A study from the Barcelona Checkpoint gay men’s HIV clinic, presented at the recent 15th European AIDS Conference has found a strong and consistent relationship between the annual HIV infection rate (incidence) in different categories of clinic users and the particular combination of risk factors they self-report. The study found that having casual partners, multiple partners, condomless sex, taking the receptive role in anal sex or catching a bacterial STI all had strong and independent associations with subsequent HIV infection and that the more of these largely self-reported risk factors a clinic user had, the more likely they were to become HIV positive.

The primary intention behind this study was to estimate what proportion of clinic users might benefit significantly from PrEP. In doing the exercise, however, the clinic also managed to establish interesting new estimates for the relative contribution to HIV risk of condomless sex, STI infection, high partner numbers, and sexual role.