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San Francisco reports new low in HIV infections and faster treatment, but disparities remain
Liz Highleyman, 2016-09-05 10:20:00

On September 1 the San Francisco Department of Public Health released its HIV Epidemiology Annual Report 2015, showing that the number of newly diagnosed HIV infections has continued to fall and people with HIV are being linked to care and achieving viral suppression more quickly. But some notable disparities remain, with African-American men and women, in particular, not benefitting as much as the city's population as a whole.

The new findings indicate that San Francisco is making progress towards achieving the goals of its Getting to Zero initiative: zero new HIV infections, zero deaths due to HIV/AIDS and zero stigma for people living with HIV.

"The overall picture is very good, with San Francisco heading toward zero on every HIV measure," said the city's health director, Barbara Garcia. "However, the data also show significant disparities, affirming our focus on efforts for groups who are not experiencing as much progress. Without improvements for these populations, we as a city will not reach zero."