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Who is taking an HIV test in England and where?
Roger Pebody, 2017-11-15 12:30:00

The range of settings in which people test for HIV has expanded significantly in recent years in England, according to a new Public Health England report on HIV testing services. It includes new estimates of the numbers of people who test and re-test for HIV, suggesting that relatively few people at elevated risk of HIV take a test as often as recommended.

While most new HIV diagnoses continue to be made in sexual health clinics, significant numbers are made in a wide range of other settings:

  • Sexual health services (75.4% of male diagnoses and 65.9% of female diagnoses)
  • Hospital wards / in-patient services (6.6% male, 8.8% female)
  • General practices (5.9% male, 7.3% female)
  • Hospital out-patient services (4.1% male, 6.0% female)
  • Antenatal clinics (5.4% female)
  • Community settings (2.5% male, 1.9% female)
  • Other (5.5% male, 4.7% female).