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Condom use in French PrEP trial: half only used PrEP, a quarter used condoms and PrEP, one in six used neither
Gus Cairns, 2016-02-26 20:50:00

An analysis of condom use in the placebo-controlled phase of the French IPERGAY trial of intermittent PrEP, presented at the CROI 2016 conference, found that just over half of the participants had high levels of PrEP use but rarely used condoms, and about a quarter were “belt-and-braces” users who had high levels of both PrEP and condom use.

However this left about one in six trial participants who had low levels of use of both PrEP and condoms. While their condom use did not change, in a minority of this group their PrEP use declined significantly during the study.

In this randomised phase of the study, participants did not know if they were taking PrEP or placebo. A second presentation of results from the open-label phase of the study, when all participants knew they were on PrEP, found that the use of condoms where the participant was the receptive partner declined slightly but significantly, with a relative fall from previous condom use rates of about 15-20%.