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Many older people living with HIV in the UK worried about poverty, loneliness and social care
Roger Pebody, 2017-01-19 00:10:00

People over the age of 50 now represent one third of all people living with HIV, but the social care, healthcare and welfare systems aren’t ready for this growing cohort, according to research published by the Terrence Higgins Trust today. They describe the situation as a ‘social care timebomb’.

A significant proportion of the older people living with HIV who took part in Terrence Higgins Trust’s research project were living below the poverty line and were socially isolated. Anxieties about their future health, independence and social care were common.

But the research found a divide between the experiences of people in their fifties and those in their late sixties and seventies. The older a person living with HIV got, the happier they felt, the better their well-being, and the lower their levels of HIV self-stigma.