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Ending the HIV epidemic faces daunting barriers, former WHO HIV chief warns
Gus Cairns, 2016-11-30 12:30:00

The difficulty of bringing the HIV epidemic “down to zero” should not be underestimated, Kevin de Cock, former director of HIV for the World Health Organization (WHO), warned earlier this month in a meeting of the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) in Brussels.

EACS called the meeting to formulate new Standards of Care for HIV in Europe. The meeting’s themes will be summarised in another report, but Dr de Cock, who, having directed the US Ebola programme in Liberia, now heads the US Centers for Disease Control’s HIV programme in Kenya, set the tone with a wide-ranging plenary presentation on the first evening. This brought in everything from climate change to the political future of Africa as issues that would influence and challenge future progress not only in HIV care, but global healthcare generally.