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Presentations from the 15th Annual Conference of NHIVNA - Thursday 27 June 2013

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The Robert Pratt Lecture

Professor Jane Anderson Introduction to the Standards of Care for People Living with HIV
Professor Jane Anderson, Homerton University Hospital, London.

Download Final Programme NHIVNA Plenary Session 1

Standard: Information for public health surveillance, commissioning, audit and research

Dr Alison Brown HIV in the UK: the story so far
Dr Alison Brown, Health Protection Agency, London.

Standard: HIV testing and diagnosis

Dr Richard Ma HIV testing in primary care: challenges and outcomes
Dr Richard Ma, The Village Practice, London.

NHIVNA Invited Lecture 1

Standard: Access to, and retention in, HIV treatment and care

Emma MacFarlane Lost to follow-up: identification of strategies to assist with patient engagement in service
Emma MacFarlane, Barking Community Hospital.

NHIVNA Oral Abstracts Session 1

Anele Waters Abstract O1 To test or not to test, that is the question
Anele Waters, North Middlesex Hospital, London.

Sandra Chidzomba Abstract O2 Missed opportunities
Sandra Chidzomba, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

Maxine Owen Abstract O3 'Virtually' satisfied: we've developed a virtual clinic service, but is it safe and does it meet the needs of patients?
Maxine Owen, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

Anna Bamford Abstract O4 Community HIV support: next steps?
Anna Bamford, Sussex Community NHS Trust, Brighton.

NHIVNA Invited Lecture 2

Standard: Provision of outpatient treatment and care for HIV and access to care for complex comorbidity

Eileen Nixon Serving two masters – any willing provider
Eileen Nixon, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

NHIVNA Invited Lecture 3

supported by a bursary grant from MSD

Standard: Safe ARV prescribing: Effective medicines management

Keni Ramapepe The role of the nurse prescribing in a resource-poor area
Keni Ramapepe, Médecins Sans Frontières, Lesotho.

NHIVNA Invited Lecture 4

Standard: Inpatient care for people living with HIV

Eileen Nixon Complexities and challenges of providing inpatient care in the era of ART
Linda Panton, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Janssen Invited Lecture

Eileen Nixon Commissioning and the impact on HIV nurses
Eileen Nixon, Brighton & Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust.

NHIVNA Oral Abstracts Session 2

Linda Panton Abstract O5 Development of an integrated care pathway (ICP) for HIV outpatient care in Scotland
Linda Panton, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Robert Downes Abstract O6 HIV Complex Case Audit
Robert Downes, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust.

Rachel Bath Abstract O7 Operational barriers to the implementation of opt-out HIV testing in novel settings
Rachel Bath, Barts Health NHS Trust, London.

John McLuskey Abstract O8 The experience of a recent diagnosis of HIV for men who have sex with men: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
John McLuskey, University of Nottingham.

NHIVNA Invited Lecture 5

Lorraine Lewis Maxine Owen Top 10 highlights in 2012–13 and their impact on HIV nursing
Lorraine Lewis and Maxine Owen, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

NHIVNA Workshop 1

Nathaniel Ault Michelle Croston Making sense of experiences: qualitative data collection and analysis within nursing research
Nathaniel Ault, Barts and the London NHS Trust and Michelle Croston, North Manchester General Hospital.